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Who we are

Eambaz is an IT solution provider operational since 2018 with headquarters in Hyderabad, India. Within few years we sought newer markets and focused our attention to the growing Enterprise Solutions and IT Infrastructure for the corporate sector. We have also formed strategic alliances with various key vendors, in order to position ourselves as a Turn-Key IT Solutions Provider.

We provide IT services to the applications of business and technical expertise for our clients, which enable us in the creation, management, and optimization or to get access to the information about business processes.

We provide different categories of services to our clients. Such as Business Process Services, Application Services, and Infrastructure Services.

  • A specific business process that is not to the core competencies of an organization and is outsourced to us, as we specialize in taking up those activities.

  • Application services or often called Application Management are a pool of services that we provide to our clients, such as balancing the load on the application, monitoring the acceleration and performance of the application. And auto scale the micro-segment to check the service proxy and discover the needs to optimally deploy the Application’s performance.

  • Infrastructure services are such services that help us in managing and supporting the facilities, to find the complexity, and manage the risk.

In which we mainly deal with Tech/IT support, file servers, cloud services, data security, and data backups.

We deal with vendors providing them software development which refers to the solutions as it helps to solve a particular problem/arising problem.

Why choose us?

Being excellent at providing solutions to the business with an accurate result, one can choose us for the security of their business or process.

What do we do?

We provide IT Solutions for a business or a process with Cloud computing with an excellent solution of security. And also, mobility for easy access.

When do we deliver?

We work with the enthusiasm of providing solutions to our clients based on the project size or the time taking in completing the assigned work.

Note: Working with enthusiasm results in accurate solutions.

How do we do?

We have a team of professionals, which ensures making the process easier and efficient for our clients with accurate time management.


We are the IT Service provider related to business and technical support to our clients with different and vast solutions, which helps our clients to get an accurate solution for arising problems. Today as the Internet is one of the main and most recent creations, due to which the web has become so normal that it is promptly accessible in the entire world. So, we expertise in software development, web development, implementation, installation, and configuration. We believe in only providing accurate business with the best and affordable prices when compared to the market. The reason why we are into the market is to provide and implement the best practices which lead to the success of both the organization and the clients we deal with. We are passionate about providing simple, accurate, and affordable online software that makes it easy for a business to process their critical data. We provide services for both residential and commercial customers. Our mission is to provide IT solutions, with a long-term relationship with our clients with quality service and support.

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+91- 9618167151
Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad - 28, Telangana. India.


Let Eambaz build a customized application for your business. We will provide you with a turnkey solution with a complete suite of services. We will analyze your business requirements and design a system specifically to handle the process flow of your business. We work closely with our clients to ensure the system meets all their needs. We provide ongoing application support, training and maintenance so that when your business needs change we can update the system to accommodate them.

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