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Eambaz is the IT Service provider. We provide business and technical support to our clients with different and vast solutions which helps our clients to get an accurate solution for arising problems. We mainly deal with Web Development, Application Development, Software Development and surveillance cameras for both commercial and residential purposes.

EAMBAZ Private Limited

for a more secure environment

Cloud Solutions

Everywhere you look today you hear terms like Private Cloud, Public Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Virtual Machines but are not sure exactly what that means. We can help understand what the cloud is and how it can help your business. Cloud computing is not the best solutions for all businesses and applications but it can dramatically increase the productivity of your organization by providing:

better collaboration and communicate between you employees

eliminate redundant entry and storage of data

provide a faster and more stable computing environment

provide remote/mobile access to corporate information


provide dynamic allocation of resources and provisioning systems


lowers the barrier to entry by converting capital expenditures to operational expenditures

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